Welcome to the pinup art of "Hawaiian" Bryan Hey

My Artwork

I have tried to model my work after Varga, Elvgren, and Petty, except I didn't want to merely repeat them and their work. I work is several different mediums that range from traditional media to computer illustrations. I enjoy using media that allow me very precise levels of control which is why I now almost exclusively work with computer high-resolution raster and vector graphics. The end result is a very clean, sculptural, and pure artwork. My goal was to evolve pinup, and I think I have achieved that.

Want to buy one of my pieces?

If you'd like to buy one of my pieces, contact me here.

Want to pose for me?

I'm always looking for models for my artwork... because they have to be someone special. I tend to be kinda picky about who I draw, however, it's not about your looks. What I'm looking for is someone with a playful quality.

If you think you might want to pose, contact me here.